What's in a Name? The Story Behind Nine 16 Designs

Coming up with a name was QUITE the task for this girl. Let me tell you! I came up with some seriously ridiculous names, I asked a couple of my pals ((who now have been deemed my ‘test group’)), I read through books, our wedding vows, listened to some of our favorite songs…and still came up with like 2.3 decent sounding and visually appealing names. Then it hit me.

One of the days that literally changed everything about the future I had envisioned for myself…9/18. It was the day I met up my hubs ((AKA ‘The Beard” and also a long time friend at that time)) at a football game inside Ford Field. I LOVED IT! I ran it by good ol’ Matty and he informed me that the 18th was like a Tuesday, and we all know the Lions don’t play on Tuesdays….FAIL!

matt beard

We looked at the calendar for 2013, because I knew I was on to something with this September thing…and after realizing it was the 8th, and not the 18th…I nixed the idea completely, because, truthfully ‘Nine8Designs’ was NOT visually appealing.

Are you still with me? I feel like I’ve lost you in this complicated mathematical story. Hold tight. I’m almost to the BEST part.

So, after I cried, and pouted for like 6 minutes and almost gave up entirely on this new venture of ours, Matt told me that our first official date was on 9/16. THAT WAS IT!

I’m gonna throw out there, that writing that previous sentence almost brought me  to tears, because I remember that date like it was yesterday. Matt had me laughing more than I had in a long, long time and I was so excited about it! (I’ll save the sappy posts for another time, though))

nine 16 designs

Alas, ‘Nine16 Designs’ was born. :o) Pretttttty neat, huh?! I think so.

But what exactly is it?! You will find out sooooooon!

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