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What a month this has been! It’s already almost April..WHAT?! Crazy. Things have been crazy busy again, with our personal and professional lives. Today, I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write more about this thing that we recently started with Nine 16 Design.

When I decided to take the leap and start up this business, I could have never imagined that it would take off as much as it did. What I DID know for sure though was that I wanted to find a good organization, or ’cause’ to work with. Something or somebody deserving, that we could donate a portion of our sales to. The problem was…I couldn’t figure out which direction to even start moving with this. I had no clue who I wanted to help, what company I wanted to learn more about, and how to even approach it.

Then one morning, after chatting with some of my TTC friends (trying to conceive) and hearing about their struggles with affording the costs affiliated with infertility…it hit me. It wasn’t just ONE organization that I wanted to partner with, it wasn’t just ONE cause, or ONE person. It was several, possibly hundreds. I typed this up late at night, and posted it immediately, wanting to get the word out there as soon as possible.

the struggle is part of the story

If you, or somebody you know is currently going through fertility treatments of ANY kind, then we want to hear from you!

We’ve decided that instead of partnering with just one organization and donating a portion of our sales, we are going to work with couples who are undergoing treatment to build a family and help them with their costs. 

We will choose one couple every 2 weeks, then we will post your story and info on our social media accounts. At the end of the term, that couple will get 10% of all sales earned in that time frame. 

Feel free to nominate yourself, a friend, a family member, co-worker, stranger…whoever! Tell us why you would love to take part or why the couple you are nominating should be chosen!

The struggle of infertility isn’t just an emotional rollercoaster, but also one of the largest financial burdens one will ever have to face. If we can help in any way, even if it’s small, we would love to take some of that weight off your shoulders. 

The response that we got was OVERWHELMING; which just means that there are far too many people out there without coverage or the means the pay for the treatment to help them build a family. We read every single response, and were in awe with how many people are struggling. We recently wrapped up our first round and will be choosing the next partner this week!

I have this feeling of content now, knowing that I’ve found even more of a passion within owning this business. Not only am I able to work from home,  allowing me the time to get to all the medical appointments and have the time to heal; but I also get to literally work with others to help spread the word about infertility, and help them along the way.

We are excited to move forward with this new venture and would love to hear your story if you’ve got one to tell! Send us an email, a message on Facebook or Instagram or just comment below this post!

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