Summer Time!

I can't believe we are already almost a week into June! NUTS! 

The past several months have been insanely busy, and although my niece says all I do is 'sit at home and be lazy', she is wrong! :o) 

We have gained a lot of attention recently with Project 1:8, and with our social media accounts. We've been doing a lot of collaborating with larger accounts and getting shout outs from all over! All of this has resulted in our business growing, meaning more work for this girl! 

We have had SO many people apply for Project 1:8, and we are working on getting to each and every one of you! Our hope is that we are able to grow as a company, so that we can donate more money to couples who are struggling with the cost of fertility treatments. We have enjoyed working with everybody so far, and can't see what more is to come! 

We are always adding new stuff to the website, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! We try to listen to suggestions and requests as often as possible, so hopefully you guys are loving what you are seeing! 

There have also been a few small changes here and there, that we just have to tweak as we grow. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to message us or shoot us an email! 

Now! Let me tell you about my goals for this month! 

Models and famous people. haha! 

We are working hard to find a group of people who I can personally photograph wearing some of our shirts, so that we are able to better display them, and show you guys sizing, fit, etc. Stay tuned!! 

Famous people? What? Over the last couple of months, we've had some Instagram shoutouts from some pretty big people, and I want to keep that momentum going! If you, or anybody you know might have some connections or know somebody who you think would love to give us a shoutout in return for a free shirt, let me know! 

The bigger the audience, the more people to hear about us, and that is what we want!

That's all for now! Happy Summer!!



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