Our IVF Journey Update

I’ve found that recently, I’ve been posting a lot of my more detailed updates on our IVF journey in this blog, so I’ll keep with the trend, and give y’all an update on that!

We have officially started with a new doctor, and let me tell you, this man is AMAZING. I kind of figured because he’s highly recommended by like everybody. We sat down with him at the beginning of this month, and talked, a lot, about everything. About our first attempt at IVF, about our tests, and procedures, and test results, and lifestyles, and the Stafford’s, and Facebook, and my friend from kindergarten. (Seriously, on all of those)


We made a plan, and it felt so good. To finally have a plan, which if you are in the TTC community, you should know that a plan is not really ever an actual plan, because there are almost always guaranteed obstacles. BUT! We welcome those obstacles with open arms now, because we know that each one is happening for a reason, and leading us to something that I hear is pretty damn amazing. (ya know, kids).

We started back up with blood work and monitoring, and are doing a second round of a couple different procedures, because he wants to see with his own eyes, what exactly is going on, and what we can do about it. He is monitoring me closely, like super close because we don’t want a reoccurrence of the cancer, or any other serious issues.


Today…today was a rough one. We went in for what I thought would be routine hysteroscopy (think colonoscopy, but for your uterus) but turned out to be the most painful procedure thus far because he had to do some extra work. Turns out, I have a lot of extra tissue that’s basically just ‘in the way’ and not needed, so he cut it out and currently has me hooked up to a balloon catheter to help the healing process. It’s been a fun and extremely uneventful day in bed. Shout out to my AMAZING husband for being the best supporter ever.


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