One of Those Weeks

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It's over. The week. FINALLY. 

As I sit here, exhausted beyond belief, listening to my son suck aggressively on his thumb through the monitor, and my dog snore loudly right next to me, I can't help but look back over the last 7 days, and be both grateful and frustrated at the same time. 

Grateful because I was recently added to a mom group on Facebook, and I think it's the beginning of a lot of great friendships. Grateful because I've seen SO many people come forward and support our current partner for Project 1:8. Grateful because my babies are happy, and healthy, and have not a clue of all the bad in the world right now. Grateful because our house SOLD. 

Now let's talk about the frustration, because it's healthy to get it out instead of holding it in, and I need to stay sane :o) Moving is exciting, right? Totes. Moving with 5 month old twins, an obnoxiously untrained and mean dog, and a cat? Not exciting. Our house sold. But that wasn't without a lot of showings, inspections, and needing to keep the dang thing clean 24/7. All while my husband worked like 412 hours a week, and I was home alone. AND! Where we are moving...well apparently every other person in the world wants to live there, because as fast as a house is listed, its sold just as quick. We see one we like, but before we can even get there to see it, somebody else puts an offer in, and it's pulled off the market. (Insert lots of sadness)

I'm tired. Like SO tired. Thank GOD the twins sleep through the night, because I take full advantage of their 7pm bedtime, by putting myself to sleep around 7:03.

Enough about frustration, I'm grateful we sold our house, and happy to be looking for a new one in a new town, much closer to Matt's work. 

Let me tell you about Cyndel and Chris! They are our current partner for Project 1:8 and mannnnn...I just love them! If you need some positivity and happiness in your infertility journey, go follow this girl! She is such a dang WARRIOR! And her tribe...don't even get me started! She has had such support over the last couple weeks, and I'm so excited to round out her final days in her campaign! I can't wait to see how much we are going to be giving to her! If you aren't already, go follow her on Instagram and cheer them on as they move forward in their IVF journey! @everydaywomenfitness is her name! 

Last thing before I go! THESE PANTS! <3 <3 <3

If you haven't ordered yours yet, then you are MISSING OUT mama! I am not kidding. They are SO comfy! (there is a need for all the caps, don't judge me, I'm excited)

We are taking Pre-orders right now, but they will be shipping out this week! Get yours before they are sold out! 

Ending my post with the two reasons I smile every single day. So lucky to be their mama. <3

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