Makers Gonna Make, Make, Make...

Whoa! Up until about 4 minutes ago, I legit thought it was Sunday. My lovely hubs is home today, he’s sick, and to be honest, I’m surprised it took him this long to catch up to the crowd. It seems like every person in our family is or has been sick recently! ((I blame it on that Southern family of mine! <3)) Take away the fact that I’m still trying to come back from having a cold, or allergies, or the ‘Michigan flu’ ((whatever that is…I might have just made it up)), I am still getting shit DONE! Just not the things I should be getting done, ha!

The weekend was packed with chaos, but also, I feel like I had a lot of does that happen? I’ve been prepping myself, and trying to get ya’ll amped up about this new biz I’ve decided to start up, and to be honest with you, I’m SLACKIN’! Between shooting my cousins wedding, working on the never-ending bathroom remodel and baking banana bread, it has been hard to squeeze in time for much else! ;o)

banana bread

I’m not going to lie though, all these little teasers and such have certainly caught the attention of many!  I’ve received a lot of messages and comments about why I’m not sharing it with everybody, or how come they aren’t special enough to know. ((My mom isn’t even on that list of people who know, but my BFF is because ‘she’s pregnant’))

Did we get some products made and prepped? YES! Did I get done all that I wanted to? NO! I’m starting to realize, that just because I see an idea on Pinterest, or I think up something in my mind, does NOT mean that it just magically gets made. I have to actually get off my ass and make it! Then I have to make it pretty, and take pics of it to post so everybody can see! I’m getting there guys, promise!

picture frame

I decided today to venture into Salvation Army to see if I could spark up some ‘materials’ I needed to get this stuff done in a more efficient way, considering how the ‘process’ Matt and I went through over the weekend to get our first batch of stuff made turned out…we definitely needed to tweak some things! Let me tell you about that place! If you have the patience, it is a GOLD MINE! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Oxford one…it was small, and basically just a mess. I had to literally dig through stuff to find what I was looking for. I mean, come on folks…have some sense of organization with all this stuff. :o)

thrift store receipt

However, I came home with like 35 bags of stuff, and I’m confident that round 2 will go much smoother! I also bought like 62 books that have nothing to do with this new biz…no shame. I only spent like $23 total. SCORE!!

Tomorrow is ‘Ruby Day’ – so I’ll be playing with an almost ONE YEAR OLD cutie all day, and hopefully squeezing in some design time during naps, but then it’s back to business and my goal is to have full preview of our stuff by WEDNESDAY! I just need to figure out how to set up a website, put together the Facebook fan page, throw together some professional looking pics of this stuff, research some more, STAY OFF PINTEREST, and try to eat and sleep somewhere in between.

S’cool…I can do this.

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