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Well! My plan to document the rest of my IVF journey/pregnancy etc. definitely FAILED! In my last post, we were just switching doctors, and preparing for our second attempt at an IVF transfer. Now, just over a year later, I'm sitting here at home, with TWO perfect little babies sleeping next to me. <3 

Let me try and put it in a nutshell, because if  you follow us on social media, I'm sure you've already seen all these little updates. We met with Dr. Abuzied, changed up the plan, had a couple procedures, and did a lot of waiting/healing. In June of 2017 we transferred 2 more embryos that were previously fertilized and frozen. 4 days later I took a test, and saw two pink lines. WHAT?! The next several weeks and months were a whirlwind, truthfully, it went by so fast, I don't even remember parts of it. My pregnancy was pretty boring, as far as twin pregnancies go; that is until we hit 33 weeks, and a routine checkup at my OB office, sent me straight to hospital due to high BP, and I delivered 2 days later. 

Max and Macie were here, I was officially a mom, and unfortunately, I was also thrown into the life of being a NICU mom. It was heartbreaking, and two of the longest weeks of my life. Luckily, they didn't need to stay too long, they just needed to get the hang of eating and keeping it down. On January 28th, 16 days after the twins were born, we were discharged from the hospital, and took our babies HOME. It was surreal, and amazing and scary all at once.

Flash forward to today, 4 months later, and I'm an officially Stay at Home Mom, Matt went back to work after 6 weeks off, and the babies and I have a pretty good routine and schedule going. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that I think our kids are pretty great babies. Besides some INTENSE colic from Max, things have been pretty simple. We spend our days sleeping, reading, and more recently, I started back to work. 

I reopened our shop after having closed it down about halfway through my pregnancy, and I am so excited to do so! I released a bunch of new designs, restocked my inventory, and revamped some of our website. We went back to our original look, and I'm so happy we did. I try and get work done in between the 'mom cracks' and I think it's going pretty well! I've got big goals for my business this year, and I'm determined to hit them.

I'm going to be (hopefully) updating our blog at least once a week with a mixture of twin mom life tidbits, and business stuff. I hope you follow along, and help me spread the word about Nine 16! 



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